So I was talking to this “friend” and happens to be a guy… the thing is I was telling him that my phone died on me, and that I was trying to get a new one, but I need money in order to do so, I wouldn’t ask my dad for it because I’m old enough to get one on my own and I wanted to get a job, and the first thing he told me… was that I should prostitute myself in order to get a phone.
And first of all I know he was joking… in some kind of fucked up way. But then he decided to add… “I’ll be your first client” and I just was like, what the fuck are you talking about? and he told me that I was being stupid for feeling offended.

So I wonder, I’m not the type of person who can actually get offended by those kind of jokes, and I can actually take a joke, but I find this quite… rude and offensive…

Am I wrong?