blackestwinter: pt.3- but it's because of Brody's death and his choice in Islamabad that he niw has to face the question how much of what he did, he might have done for Carrie alone and the answer is a frightening one. In conclusion, personally I thought those feelings were there and clear from quite an early stage, only they "disguised" themselves fairly good, but Brody's and even more so Sandy's death ripped away that mask.
blackestwinter: Pt.2- and this is why he refuses to kill Brody. a) of course he's come to care for Carrie during the season, he's a good guy, this is what happens and b) he sees them try and built a life he probably will never have himself. All that only intensifies in s3 with Brody gone and Carrie in that downward spiral. Until s04e01 when he clearly chose Carrie over Sandy. Me thinks he was always a tad overly invested in Carrie's (and Brody's) attempts at finding a life, because he's stuck being a killer TBC
blackestwinter: Okay, I saw your post about Quinn and here's how I personally see this. For the most part of s2 he saw Carrie as this crazy person who runs around screwing assets in bugged motels. If anything, he was curious. Once he came to see the depth of what was going on with her and Brody that changed a bit. I'm not saying he fell in love with Carrie when he stalked them out in the lakehouse, but maybe he fell a little in love with that wobderfully normal life those two wanted to build for themselves. TBC

This is amazing tyvm for putting it this way (: